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Styles from around the world in one Roanoke Boutique

From She’s International

We take pride in creating a luxurious shopping experience for our customers. She’s
International Boutique boasts some of the most unique fashion including clothing,
jewelry, handbags, and accessories, curated together for an unparalleled shopping
experience. As a flight attendant for 33 years, Diane Speaks created this international
boutique in the heart of Downtown Roanoke, Virginia to feature exquisite and unique
designs. At our boutique, you will find products from leading international fashion
houses, as well as lesser-known designers who are making important statements.
Each finely constructed piece claims exquisite craftsmanship, quality fabric and
materials, and for many of our brands, we are the only vendor in the United States.

About Diane Speaks

Growing up, Diane’s father served in the Airforce, which allowed her to live all over the world including England, Tokyo, and New Jersey! Diane loved traveling internationally,
so she became a Stewardess. For 33 years, she was a Flight Attendant for Piedmont and US Airlines. She had the opportunity to visit over 18 countries and shop in the most intriguing shopping districts in the world. 20 years into her position, Diane was flying from Amersterdam and heard an announcement from the pilot, “America is closed!” This
announcement stemmed from the historic events of 9/11. After that day, US Airlines began to cut flight attendants’ pay by 40%. Diane quickly realized she needed a plan b.
Frequently, she shopped for friends and brought back merchandise, so Diane decided to open a brick-and-mortar location in Salem, Va and She’s International Boutique was born. After nine years, Diane moved to the heart of Roanoke, VA. For 19 years, she has leveraged international relationships to offer exclusive international designs specifically offered in her boutique.

Diane Speaks

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